Slipping Through My Fingers

“I need help Mommy. I can’t get them on.”

I knelt beside her and we tugged and pulled trying to get them on her toddler feet. And then it hit me. She’d outgrown another pair of shoes. Again.

Bearpaw Kids Boots

“They’re just a pair of old shoes”

Oh but they are so much more than that.

These boots saw her learn to ride her bike. They were with her when she ran after her older brothers, trying to keep up with the “big kids.”

These boots climbed slides, and jumped over puddles. They skipped along the harbor as she watched the boats.

Cheeky Doormat Customized Mat

So many things this one little pair of shoes experienced. How my baby girl is growing. Her little feet are bigger, and so is her mind and her heart. She will happily choose another pair of shoes, and probably I’ll blink and those will be too small as well.

I’ll hold onto this little set. The years are flying and the memories are fast creating the beautiful story of her life. Just please pardon this sentimental momma for holding onto a treasure or two from these precious younger years. Lord knows time is slipping through my fingers.

Slipping through my fingers all the time
I try to capture every minute
The feeling in it
Slipping through my fingers all the time
Do I really see what’s in her mind
Each time I think I’m close to knowing
She keeps on growing
Slipping through my fingers all the time

Sometimes I wish that I could freeze the picture

And save it from the funny tricks of time

Slipping through my fingers”

(Song by ABBA)






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5 Fall Basics Every Girl Should Own

It’s finally October and the air is crisp with all things autumn!

It’s time to start thinking about your fall and winter wardrobe, and I’m here to help! Here are five basic things every girl should own this fall.

1. Booties

I’ve said this over and over, but I’ll say it again: there’s nothing better than a simple pair of short boots. They’re classic, fabulous, in style and not going anywhere anytime soon. So whether you’re looking for shoes to style with your favorite jeans, or want something cute to pair with a dress, get some booty in your life(pun intended).

Bearpaw Onyx Booties

2. A pencil skirt

Change things up this fall and get a colored pencil skirt. If you want to go bolder, check out this Mustard Yellow Skirt I love. My waxed denim skirt in wine is from Seventwodenim . Or you can get this cute Light Denim Skirt from Evy’s Tree. Any of these will be a staple in your wardrobe that will last for long time!

3. A plaid scarf

Maybe it’s a given, but a nice plaid scarf adds just the right touch of fall cozy to any ensemble.

4. A fun hat

Whether or not pompoms are your style, find a cute hat to top of your outfit. Even if you live in sunny SoCal like me, you can skip it during the day and wear your hat on chilly evenings.

5. A jean jacket

Last but definitely not least, let’s talk about jean jackets. I have at least three in my closet right now, and I wouldn’t be sad if a couple more snuck in. Last year I wore my Bearpaw Jean Jacket almost constantly. Luckily it’s still available, so if you don’t currently own a denim jacket, head over and check it out! I did find this fit a little large, but I prefer my clothing a little looser so this wasn’t a problem for me.

And that’s all for now! Thanks for visiting my blog! Let me know in the comments below your favorite thing to wear this season!





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It’s in the Bag

Baby Jameson is two months old now, and we are finally settling into a new routine. Billy also started Kindergarten so that’s another adjustment. Overall though, life is good and I count myself incredibly blessed!

As a momma, there are a few things I run across that I wish I could share with all the other moms out there. My Lily Jade bag is one of them.

Elizabeth Bag – Camel & Gold

I was never really a luxury bag kindof girl until recently. But I’d have to say Lily Jade converted me.

Several reasons I love my Lily Jade:

1. The smell. There’s something about the scent of real leather. There’s nothing like it!

2. The organization. Whether you prefer to use the insert or not, this bag has got a place for everything. The bag itself has multiple pockets and the insert makes it easy to pack your bag and keep track of where everything is. No dumping your entire bag to find one thing with this one! Plus the insert is washable.

3. The quality. This diaper bag is an investment. Lily Jade uses the premium grade leathers. They use a tumbled full grain leather. This is different than the artificial patterns stamped on most high end handbags that mass produce clones. These bags are crafted carefully to keep the leather from wearing and cracking. They’re built to last!

4. The appearance/style. If you have your children close together like I did, chances are you’re going to get very tired of carrying a diaper bag. I was seriously over it and wanted to go back to my regular purses. When I got my Lily Jade, I was so excited because it doesn’t LOOK like a diaper bag. It looks like a fabulous handbag anyone would use! And I actually ended up using mine even when my kids weren’t with me!

5. The cool carrying strap feature. Lily Jade bags come with a long strap that can be used two different ways. It can be used as a long messenger style over the shoulder strap, or converted into a backpack carry.

A lot of people talk about finding their “unicorn bag,” and I’d say I found mine. Kids or no, I’m planning to keep this classic around a long time!

Elizabeth Bag – Camel & Gold












This bag was gifted to me by Lily Jade. All opinions are honest and my own.



Master Bedroom Reveal

As you all know, I’ve been in the process of redoing my master bedroom/nursery the last several months. Well I’m happy to say, I think it’s pretty much finished!

From a new headboard and end tables to some lovely plants, a glider and crib, I love how all the things finally came together to create a calm peaceful place.

The Miles night stands from Baby Relax might be my favorite new addition. Their sleek simple shape added so much to the room. They were surprisingly easy to assemble, and only took a matter of minutes from start to finish.

(You can find them on or click the link I’ve included below to shop.)

Miles Nightstand

I found these gold lamps at Target. There were some there I absolutely loved, but ultimately I wanted something a little less pricey. These were under $30 and I was happy to find a more budget friendly option.

I already showed you all my gorgeous bedding. It’s really perfect and makes bed making so much simpler.

Beddy’s Chic White Bedding

Check out this beautiful Dorel Living headboard! I’ve always loved the upholstered look, but was afraid of the fabric getting dusty or dirty really fast. When I found one in faux leather, I knew it was meant to be. I can just wipe this down with a damp cloth, and dusting is a piece of cake! I love how it looks with the end tables and comforter!

(You can find the headboard on as well, or follow the link.)

Faux Leather Tufted Headboard

I’ve been obsessing over plants lately, and wanted to incorporate lots of green into my decor. I was able to create the little arrangements on the bedside tables for $2 each! The plant on the floor is real from Ikea.

I put the rug next to my bed to add texture to the room. It was super cheap and is from Ikea as well.

I wanted a shelf above the bed, but didn’t want to try hanging an actual floating one. I used brackets from Home Depot and a plank of wood and created an “almost” floating shelf. I put some canvases I had made forever ago on it, along with a candle and some faux greenery stems. Eventually I’ll probably switch out the canvases for some picture frames with photos of our family.

The glider in the corner has been my hangout while I wait impatiently for this baby to make his arrival.

Olive Glider and Ottoman

Bailey Mini Crib

I’m so pleased with how everything turned out! It all came together beautifully and I couldn’t be happier!

I’d love to hear about your own decorating projects, whether it’s a bedroom or another room in your house! Comment below and tell me what you’re working on!






Some products featured here have been gifted to me. However, ALL opinions are honest and completely my own.




*Thank you to Dorel Living and Baby Relax for the lovely headboard and nightstands.




**Thank you to Beddy’s for the beautiful bedding, to Delta Children for the mini crib, and DaVinci Baby USA for the pretty glider and ottoman.

IKEA DIY: Cheap and easy pictures

Recently I’ve been bitten by the “redecorate my entire house” bug. I don’t know if those third trimester nesting hormones are kicking in or what, but I’ve been really wanting to change things up.

Since I haven’t won the lottery or inherited a fortune recently, I’ve been on the hunt for cheap ways to make my house look refreshed and chic. My sweet husband painted our main living area a clean white for me, and now I’ve been scouring Pinterest and YouTube for decorating ideas. I’ve really been loving minimalist decor with clean simple vibes(think lots of white, with plants etc.).

I visited IKEA today to pick up pillow inserts for some pretty pillow covers I ordered from Woven Nook. They have singles and sets for really affordable prices. In the past I’ve sewn my own, but at these prices it’s probably cheaper to purchase than make them.

Sahara Pillow Cover Set

While at IKEA, I also picked up 8 of these simple black frames at $3.99 each. I noticed online it lists the black frames as $4.99, but in store I paid $3.99.


When I got home, I searched online for free prints of plants. I chose some I liked and printed them off.

Free Magnolia Printables

I took out my watercolor notepad and cut out pages to use as picture mats.

I know these aren’t professionally matted and framed, but here’s my simple easy way of doing it.

I simply placed the prints on top of the watercolor paper, and held it in place with a little rolled piece of tape between the two. My watercolor paper was just a tad smaller than the frame needed, so I kept the white paper that came with the frame and just placed it behind the watercolor paper. Like I said, not perfect but it worked for my purposes.

Total cost: $3.99

The printables were free and I already had the watercolor paper for the matting. This made my total cost per picture less than $4!

I’m planning to hang several of these in a group setting in my living area. I still need to work out placement and measurements, but stay tuned to see the finished product!

Bedroom Update

I’m in the process of updating our master bedroom/nursery. I debated whether to share just yet since it’s not done, but I’m too excited not too!

Currently I have a new mini crib for baby, a gorgeous grey rocking chair for late night feedings, and some pretty amazing new bedding.

Even though baby boy isn’t set to arrive until July, my older kiddos are getting plenty of use out of this rocker already. Not only do I rock them and sing to them before bed, but they sneak into my room and sit here any chance they get.

Rocking Chair and Ottoman

I already shared over on my Instagram about this adorable mini crib. It’s cute and practical space wise especially when you’re combining a master bedroom and nursery.

Mini Crib

Last but definitely not least, I found a new comforter. This is no ordinary set though. It has been designed specially to make bed making only take seconds of one’s time. I’m calling this a mom hack, because it’s saving me time and effort and it makes my life so much easier! Use code MSMARY20 for a discount on your order.

Beddy’s Chic White set

I also ordered home pillows from Beddy’s to add texture, as well as a simple bedskirt.

Decorative Pillows

I can’t wait to share more updates as I find a headboard, end tables, and decor! Stay tuned!













Disclaimer: I receive some products as gifts. However these are all my own honest opinions about items I love and want to share with you!

Anytime you have a question about anything, please feel free to email me or contact me over on my Instagram page @msmary_style !😘

What’s In My Hospital Bag

We are growing baby number four over here, and I figured I should share all my [hard earned] insights into what to bring with you to the hospital. These days, I keep it simple. I’ve shared the links to my favorites below.

There are certain things your hospital will provide, and if you know those ahead of time that helps. All the hospitals where I’ve delivered gave me mesh panties and large pads. So something you really do NOT need to pack is your own undies.

Grey Lace Robe

My top item to pack is a nice robe. I’ve never met anyone who loved chilling in a hospital gown longer then they had to. Plus, you’re most likely going to have visitors. A robe is an easy way to look pretty and put together, and is handy for nursing and all those checkups from the nurses and doctors. (I plan on tossing this one in the dryer for a bit to loosen up the wrinkles.)

May and Joy robes are incredibly affordable and they have many pretty options from which to choose.

I always bring my makeup bag. Even if you just slap on some tinted moisturizer, a swipe of mascara and lipgloss, you’re going to feel much more human if you can get a little fixed up.

Cream Bearpaw Slippers

I also have slippers on my list. I’m not a huge fan of the fuzzy socks the hospital provides, but I want something to slip on my feet when I go to the bathroom, or walk around.

It’s kindof a given, but don’t forget your phone charger.

Clothes to wear home is another thing to consider. I’ll probably bring leggings, a T-shirt/tank and a cardigan. I might throw in a dress just in case I’m feeling extra fancy.

Feather Swaddle

Don’t forget a few baby things. Once again, the hospital will provide the basics like diapers and wipes. But it’s so fun to pick out their first little outfit, along with a blanket or swaddle. Look for a cute hat, as it’s good to keep the baby’s body temperature regulated.

And that’s about it! I’d love to hear your must haves for your own hospital bag. Is there anything you packed that you didn’t use at all?

Summer Catchup

Here’s how our summer is going so far.

I woke up one day and realized it’s officially summer. Being here in California has my brain utterly messed up on seasons. When it’s 90 in December but you can wear sweaters in June, that’s mind boggling to this midwestern girl.

The kids and I have been swimming fairly often. Playing in the sun and water wears them out and helps them sleep better.

Arowyn spends more time out of the pool running around and chilling on my Watermelon beach towel from Vfish .

We have gone blueberry picking a couple times now. If you haven’t tried fresh blueberries straight from the bush, you’re missing out!

Right now, the kids are playing in the backyard while I write. The boys are doing better at getting along and playing peacefully. Arowyn and Teddy seem to struggle with that a little. Sometimes they will fight over who gets to sit in my lap, even when I tell them I can hold them both.

So that’s just a bit about our summer and where we are. Nothing too exciting, and yet I’m happy to enjoy these slow days.

Tell me what you’re doing this summer!

Ps. I just wanted to mention a new flossing product I discovered. The Flossolution Mini is great for easy fast flossing that doesn’t hurt your gums.

Sprucing Up for Spring

When your decor is neutral, it’s easy to change little things here and there for the different seasons. I absolutely love to add pretty flowers to my already existing decor.

A friend gave me a set of milk bottles back when we lived in Ohio. They had colorful straws, lids and burlap wraps. I stripped them down of all color, and now they are perfect. I poked a couple faux flower stems in each bottle, and voila! Easy centerpiece.

Here I put a few flowers in a decanter I found in the Target Dollar Spot.

All of these flowers cost less than $20 at Michaels. They had spring florals on sale and I couldn’t resist the peonies and cabbage roses.

My cake stand is another Target find.

Tell me me how you get ready for spring. Do you do anything special with your decor?

Santa Barbara Saturday

This was our Saturday: Farmer’s Market, zoo, then the pier/wharf. Not too shabby eh?

The boys got their faces painted at the zoo. Teddy insisted on getting the “nake!” Billy got a scary dragon.

One of my favorite things is the foxes. Arowyn actually cried because she didn’t understand why she couldn’t hold this little guy.

We have been to the Santa Barbara Zoo before, but we always went home after going. This trip, the kids weren’t too worn out so we decided to pay the wharf a visit.

Yes we got candy. Because one, my husband is a big softy and two, my husband is a big softy.

All in all, not a bad Saturday! What did you all do this weekend?